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How do I clean my PIA•MIA's?

⦁ KNIT & FLYKNIT ESPADRILLES: We recommend handwash, any kind of soap will do! Don’t be afraid because they won’t fade or stretch. The pompons can be washed the same way and a dryer will help you make your pompoms look like new!

⦁ LEATHER ESPADRILLES: We recommend using a soft bristle brush or a slightly damp cloth (the less water you use the better!) Remember that leather is dyed and the less you wet it, it will keep its vibrant color for longer. For jute soles we recommend a dry old toothbrush, make sure not to get it wet, it can absorb water very quickly and can smell bad over time. Please email us for any other cleaning instructions.

Are my PIA•MIA waterproof?

Our jute or leather espadrilles don’t do well in the rain, so we recommend you avoid stepping in wet areas. Our sole presents, besides 100% natural jute, a thin natural rubber layer that protects jute from humidity and the contact with water. The jute bottom of our espadrilles should never get wet. You can keep your PIA•MIA in good shape longer by keeping them dry.